Bill Sullivan






  • “Bill Sullivan : NewPaintings” Sasha Wolf Gallery New York NY Mar 12 – May 2 2009
  • “New Directions in Photography” The Payne Gallery , Moravian College Bethlehem , Pa Mar 12 – May 2 2009
  • Hijacked a survey of Australian and Ameriacan photography today Australian Centre for Photography Sydney Australia Friday June 13- July 19 2008
  • American Photography Today FotoFreo 2008 Fremantle Australia Apr 5 – May 4 2008
  • “Photo LA 2007” New York Brancolini Grimaldi Nov 18 – Nov 21 2007
  • “Material Witness” new portraiture General Electric Headquarters Fairfield Ct April 20 - Oct 15 2007
  • “VersionFest Photographic Invitational” Chicago Ill April 19 – May 6 2007
  • Randall Scott Gallery Aqua Wynwood Art Basel Miami Dec 9-13 2007
  • “Paris Photo 2006” Brancolini Grimaldi Nov 15 – Nov 18 2006



  • Foam Magazine for Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam winter 2008 / #17 Portrait?
  • a portfolio of 17 photos from from the elevator series “Stop Down” featured with an essay by Sarah Baxter
  • Foam Album ’08 for Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam Self Portrait #11 featured
  • The New Yorker April 18 2008 6 photos from from the series “Stop Down” featured
  • Russian Esquire April 2007 30 images from the subway turnstile series “More Turns” featured
  • The Guardian UK Feb 2 , 2007 2 page spread of 40 images from “More Turns” featured



  • 2004 Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellowship Grant


excerpted from a recent interview with Arata Sasaki in HitsPaper :

..... After I completed the photo series like More Turns and Stop Down. I really went back to the drawing board and I started from square one and just started looking at noise for a long time, positive and negative. I just looked at visual types of noise and began to focus on how the eye creates what it sees - how the eye views texture: how the eye decides if something is wet or dry. And in the process I started to think about an image differently, I started to think of it as pure abstract visual matter and the artist as someone who moves stuff around a rectangle with some understanding of how people might react to the way that stuff looks............With the current images I am making I have been trying to create the physical presence of light. Instead of recording light which is what I was doing with the photography I guess. I am trying to make the presence of light as physical as possible with a printed object.

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