A Changeable and Unpredictable Nature: Elizabeth Alexander

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Nov 6, 2015 - Dec 6, 2015
Elizabeth Alexander: A Changeable and Unpredictable Nature.
November 6 - December 8, 2015

Elizabeth Alexander makes sculptures, drawings, and installations through an ongoing process of deconstruction and reconstruction of objects, images, or spaces through cycles of concealment and reveal. Referencing architecture and landscape, D.I.Y. culture and decorative arts, her material exploration confronts a piecemeal narrative of an inflated American Dream by questioning perceptions of status, beauty, femininity, and class.  Using domestic materials such as decorative wallpaper, images from coffee table books, and porcelain tea cups, Alexander carves out environments that give equal tribuite to domestic decoration and its deterioration.
Alexander hails from working class New England where the bulk of her upbringing was split between her father’s fabrication shop and the kitchens and gardens of her mother and grandmother. Her work is deeply rooted in her pride of this dual identity: both masculine and feminine, domestic and industrial, decorative and utilitarian, frivolous and practical. However, the contradiction of upholding both, seemingly opposite faces, often causes tension rather than harmony. By dissecting and reordering material she is not just making sense of the understood order of things, but making anew, creating relics of a place that could be.
A Changeable and Unpredictable Nature is Alexander's first exhibit since relocating to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The exhibition features re-imagined installations from various bodies of work and includes a sound element created by Todd Bowser. 
Exhibition Image