Holly Fischer: Duality (Front Gallery)

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Nov 2, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013

front gallery: November - December 2013

Holly Fischer: Duality

This exhibition marks the first time Holly Fischer has exhibited oil paintings as a complement to her fluid, white sculptures. Holly is painting from tightly cropped views of abstract sections of her sculptures with dramatic contrast in light and shadow. Pockets and folds in the sculptures, and the twisting interplay between positive form and negative space, create a full range of values from light to dark. She then uses paint to describe and enhance the shadows cast by the forms. Light and dark become metaphors for binary pairs often explored in Holly’s sculptural work: seduction and repulsion, illusion and reality, objectification and empowerment. Holly is hoping these paradoxical concepts are further revealed in an environment that juxtaposes painting and sculpture and highlights the individualized way in which each medium creates its own deceptive illusion. She hopes each medium will beckon viewers to move closer for a more intimate look: seducing with smooth, undulating surfaces and intricate brush work that meticulously wraps the contours of each form. She also hopes that upon closer investigation, an uncomfortable, disquieting mood will cause the viewer to question if some unknown, ominous threat may be imminent.

Exhibition Images

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