Mike Geary: New Work

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Jun 5, 2015 - Jul 14, 2015

Boone artist Mike Geary experiments with the ideas of exponential infinity or motifs that expand and contract from a set point. In his handmade loop tapes, Geary samples both found recordings and his own source music. The restructured looped rhythm from the sample syncopates with the silent or even lumpy-sounding tape edits, and while the loop tapes are small stand-alone artifacts, each provides the artist with "new" source material for further iterations of his music. 

His visual works continue this idea by playing with expansion of found and drawn images. Perspective is skewed and new images propagate as Geary experiments with low-tech manipulation and copying techniques to stretch and shrink and multiply his images. This results in oddly echoing visual works, which, like the loop tapes, combine elements of abstraction, familiarity, and a hint of the grotesque.

Geary will perform his experimental music live at Flanders / Lump on Saturday, June 6th from 4pm - 5pm. 

Exhibition Image