Neill Prewitt: Bad Economy

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Sep 5, 2013 - Sep 30, 2013

Neill Prewitt:  Bad Economy‚Ä®

Bad Economy is a short epic musical about a young man's journey to become an artist during the Great Recession. Bobby is a rebel with a Liberal Arts degree, and he's on the run from the "creative economy" that's closing in around him. At every turn it instrumentalizes his critical stance, saddling him with low-wage work and student debt. The only way out may be a harrowing passage down to his own depths wherein lies the artist's heart. Will he make it?

Neill Prewitt is an artist and educator from and based in Raleigh. His practice grew out of Yuxtapongo, a monthly public access TV show broadcasting local artists across the Triangle from 2008 to 2012. In 2012 he received an MFA from UNC Chapel Hill. White People, a series of large-scale sculptural paintings abstracting the human form, debuted earlier this summer. Neill teaches at Peace University and waits tables at The Fiction Kitchen.


SiteWork/Hopscotch is the official visual arts companion to the Hopscotch Music Festival, designed to explore the relationship between music and contemporary visual art. All participating artists are either dual practitioners (artist/musicians) or artists working with sound or music-related ideas.

SiteWork is an artist-led organization whose mission is to support noncommercial contemporary art practices such as installation, video, and performance in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. SiteWork will provide exhibition opportunities, increase exposure, and facilitate exchange and collaboration among Triangle-based, national, and international artists engaged in site-related work. 

SiteWork emerged from conversations between artists Lincoln Hancock, David McConnell and Harrison Haynes in early 2013. The planning and organizational team for SiteWork consists of Hancock and Haynes, plus artist Neill Prewitt and art advisor Chloe Seymore.

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