Rummage: Damian Stamer

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May 2, 2014 - May 31, 2014

In this new exhibition, Rummage, Stamer presents a series of large-scale contemporary landscapes. These dramatic works are influenced by both formal landscape painting and the dilapidation of rural architecture in the American South. With Stamer's roots tied to Durham, North Carolina, he uses the pastoral imagery of his childhood to construct interpretations of memory, time, and space. The timeless images induce a feeling of nostalgia for life on the farm, clouded with old forgotten barns and traces of a simpler life within. Far from simple though, the scenes depicted are in extreme disrepair and are effetively returning to the earth. The partially abstracted objects have been left to rot, and strewn about, confessing the decades worth of neglect or memories that are beginning to fade out. Beautiful and haunting, Stamer's paintings shed light on a fading American way of life - a romantic memory. They remind us, sometimes uncomfortably, just how far from that life we may be today.

Stamer has received numerous international awards including a Fulbright grant. He has studied internationally at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany. Damian received his B.F.A. from Arizona State University (summa cum laude) And his M.F.A. from UNC at Chapel Hill.  He has exhibited extensively in the U.S. and abroad.



*Also on exhibit in the front gallery: Tommy Taylor - Home is Where the Heart Is

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