Bill Sullivan: Forest Hills

Forest Hills is a book that follows the 20th century history of tennis and art, confusing and conflating their two stories in order to create a new history.

Forest Hills was conceived and designed by Bill Sullivan and Ofer Wolberger, produced by Horses Think in a special edition of 15. The book is 144 pages long printed in full color. Each copy was printed on Moab Lasal PHoto Matte 235 gram paper with pigment ink and hand stitched and bound Henry Book Binding. There are three different covers each printed and signed by Sullivan on Coltin Canvas book cloth.

The book contains a number of aerial depictions of the stadium as it likely existed at various times in its history. Sullivan began the entire series with these aerials, specifically with one image, a Google Earth image of the stadium as it existed when Sullivan began work on the project in early 2011. All of the aerials were then recreated an re-photographed from images derived from that same initial image. Over the next 2 years and extensive research Sullivan created 15 new aerial images adding and subtracting from the initial image in an attempt to recreate exactly how the stadium would have likely looked at specific times over the more than 80 years that the stadium has been in existence.

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