Greg Lindquist reviewed in ArtNews

ARTnews JUNE 2012
Greg Lindquist at Elizabeth Harris


For this striking exhibition, Greg Lindquist created 15 new oil paintings on panel or linen along with several murals, which were given equal visual importance.

By way of incorporating the gallery's architecture into the exhibition, Lindquist. who also reviews for ARTnews, covered structural pillars with a languid orange, white, and gray wash. Three rectangular or rhomboid-shaped columns painted directly onto the wall inhabited one corner of the main room. The color of a dusty sun, they provided a stand-in for light that would be cast through unseen windows.

The exhibition's title, "you are nature," was taken from a quote by Jackson Pollock, who, when asked whether he worked from nature, responded, "I am nature." Lindquist clearly reveled in creating comparisons between the hard edges of man-made technology and pared-down, nearly abstract views of the natural world.

In Time Has Fallen Asleep (all works 2012), an upside-down potted plant- like form could have been the reflection of a plant opposite it. Decayed vines became painterly drips in earthy browns, ochre, and gray all atop a silvery background.

Especially interesting were the portrayals of dead and injured trees, with their strange and twisted beauty, as well as a canny "portrait" of an iPhone, titled Spiderweb (if it's raining, no one can see your tears), featuring a shattered touch screen. The oil-on-panel work titled Brave New World (For we are where we are not) was a muted, almost veiled depiction of a video screen on the back of an airline seat. The painting was built from muddy yellows and gray and, as if to underscore the inextricable bond between nature and the man-made, the screen's (painted) pixels depicted a distant country scene.


-Doug McClemont