Flanders Gallery :  Founded 2006, Raleigh, North Carolina.   Flanders Gallery was committed to cultivating the careers of emerging artists.  Through its rigorous exhibition program, the gallery explored new concepts in contemporary art using various media.  Flanders Gallery was dedicated to exhibiting provocative and innovative contemporary art, producing 14-18 exhibits each year both in the gallery and in alternative exhibit spaces.

In October 2014, the gallery moved to a new space,  located next to LUMP.  The new spacel functioned as a project space for emerging artists of all backgrounds who seek to experiment with concepts in contemporary art and culture, using a wide range of media.  

In 2016, Flanders Gallery director, Kelly McChesney, made the decision to close Flanders Gallery and take over as Director of Lump for Bill Thelen.  Over the past ten years Flanders created over 100 exhibitions for the Triangle, introduced the work of some 200 artists, hosted more community concerts and events than we can count, and created exhibitions and art installations outside the gallery walls.  We are proud of what Flanders Gallery and its artists have accomplished, and we are excited to team up with Lump to create more meaningful opportunities for contemporary artists in our community.

Hours of Operation:

In 2016, Flanders Gallery closed.